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We specialise in new orchard development, conversions and orchard maintenance including harvesting, winter pruning, grafting, thinning, summer pruning, stringing, girdling, chainsaw work, grass mowing and all other orchard related work.

Our Coromandel Nursery is a bulk supplier to the kiwifruit industry. We nurture and raise strong, healthy plants to maximize your productivity.

We propagate, graft, nurture and raise strong, healthy kiwifruit rootstock and red, gold and green grafted plants. The gold G3 (ZESY002) and red R19 (ZES008) varieties are owned by Zespri, and they are protected under the New Zealand Plant Variety Rights, Act 1987.

Our KVH certified kiwifruit plants are pot grown for strength and resilience.

Our people have been specially trained in grafting techniques, ensuring a high success rate for our grafted plants.

Our grafting stock is sourced from a supplier in the South Island ensuring strong, healthy plants to maximise your productivity.



We believe in maximising the profits of growers in New Zealand Kiwifruit Industry by improving fruit quality and orchard productivity through providing high quality plants, experienced people, innovative techniques and good work ethics.

We are committed to developing world class orchards, growing, maintaining and harvesting orchards and providing innovative solutions from the nursery and grower, to the packhouse.


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Erlon Limited was established in 2013 by Erlon Figueiredo.

In 2013, Erlon went into business and established Erlon Limited as an orchard contractor to the kiwifruit industry, providing kiwifruit orchard development, maintenance and harvesting services to New Zealand growers.

His mission - to maximise fruit quality and orchard productivity for all growers, by providing innovative techniques and equipment, experienced people and good work ethics.

Today the brand has grown to include KVH Certified Coromandel Nursery supplying bulk plants and grafted rootstock for the many varieties of green, gold and red kiwifruit plants to orchards throughout New Zealand. We are a registered supplier of the new ‘Red Kiwifruit’ plant varieties now being established on the New Zealand market.
The Gold and the Red varieties, owned by Zespri and protected under the NZ Plant Variety Rights, are to be sold to Zespri licensed kiwifruit growers.

From the orchard to the packhouse, the company delivers contracting services and orchard canopy management throughout the growing season from winter pruning through to harvest.

Orchard design and construction services are provided through Ground Up, establishing new and upgrading and maintaining orchards throughout the Northland and Bay of Plenty regions.

The business could not thrive without its people. An employer of choice for permanent and seasonal workers from New Zealand and around the world, the team at Erlon Limited, thrive on delivering quality plants, orchard maintenance and construction services to our customers while recognising the business is only as good as the people that work here.

  • HAZARDCO Health and Safety Systems
  • Approved RSE Employer
  • GAP & GRASP Certificated
  • Employsure Subscriber
  • Full KVH Certification - Greenhouse
  • Growers of Bounty 71 and Red Variety Kiwifruit

Erlon Limited - Kiwifruit Nursery